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Bilder und Infos

Broadcom Chips Der Nachfolger des einen verbauten Chips, vermutlich BCM3349KPP

The BCM3349 combines an RF receiver with an advanced QAM and S-CDMA demodulator, an advanced QAM transmitter, a complete DOCSIS 2.0 Media Access Controller (MAC), a 200-MHz MIPS32 communication processor, a 16-bit, 100-MHz SDRAM interface, 10/100 Ethernet MAC with integrated transceiver and MII Interface, and a USB MAC with integrated transceiver.

The QAM receiver directly samples a tuner output with a 11-bit A/D converter and input ACG amplifier. The receiver digitally resamples and demodulates the signal with recovered clock and carrier timing, filters and equalizes the data and passes soft decisions to an ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C compatible decoder. The receiver supports variable symbol rate 4/16/32/64/128/256/512/1024-QAM FEC decoding. The final received data stream is delivered in a serial MPEG-2 transport format. All gain, clock, and carrier, acquisition and tracking loops are integrated in the QAM receiver.

Der ander Chip ist ein BCM3341 two channel VoIP Processor.

BroadVoice® VoIP Broadband IC

The BroadVoice VoIP solution allows IP telephony equipment manufacturers and broadband DSL and cable service providers to economically offer a distinctly more advanced telephone service to consumers and businesses worldwide, while at the same time using significantly less bandwidth than existing solutions.

The BroadVoice BCM3341 integrates seven commonly used, general-purpose chips into a single, efficient integrated circuit (IC) that reduces the size and power of the system while providing increased performance and better voice quality. The BroadVoice BCM3341 integrates an unprecedented amount of technology. Included in this chip are a very high-performance dual multiply and accumulate 200+ MIPS digital signal processor, a high-performance DSP memory system, a FlexiVoice™ POTS codec, a PacketSync® packet synchronization processor, a telephony phase lock loop (PLL), a battery voltage sensor, an internal voltage regulator, a high-efficiency, high-voltage telephone ring generator controller, and a time-division multiplexing (TDM) expansion interface. The BroadVoice BCM3341 also has a flexible expansion interface that enables cascading four or more lines for multi-dwelling unit (MDU) applications, as well as VoIP POTS telephony solutions across an entire line of broadband modems, residential gateways and set-top boxes.



DOCSIS Standart

Demo Config

 *  This is an exmaple configuration file for the DOCSIS configuration file 
 * encoder. It is not exhaustive. Currently it supports only Integer,
 * IP address and String for SNMP settings. Adding more types is quite 
 * trivial. 

Main { /* this is a comment */
DownstreamFrequency 	123000000;
UpstreamChannelId   	1; 
/* this is a comment */ 
NetworkAccess		1;
ClassOfService {
	ClassID		1; 
	MaxRateDown	512000;
	MaxRateUp	64000;
	PriorityUp	3 ;	
	GuaranteedUp	32000;
	MaxBurstUp	54314;
	PrivacyEnable	1;

BaselinePrivacy { /* ONLY if PrivacyEnable == 1 ! */
        AuthTimeout             10;
        ReAuthTimeout           10;
        AuthGraceTime           600;
        OperTimeout         10;
        ReKeyTimeout            10;
        TEKGraceTime            600;
        AuthRejectTimeout       9;

SnmpMibObject sysName.0 String "gamadelta";	/* Set sysName */
SnmpMibObject sysContact.0 String "" ;/* sysContact  */

SnmpMibObject . Integer 1;    /* Default discard */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.1 Integer 6;/* IpStatus/1 destroy */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpControl.1 Integer 2;/* IpControl/1 accept */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpIfIndex.1 Integer 0;/* IpIfIndex/1 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDirection.1 Integer 3;/* IpDirection/1 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpBroadcast.1 Integer 2;/* IpBroadcast/1 false */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSaddr.1 IPAddress; /* SAddr */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSmask.1 IPAddress;/*Smask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDaddr.1 IPAddress; /*DAddr*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDmask.1 IPAddress; /*DMask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpProtocol.1 Integer 1; /* Proto ICMP */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.1 Integer 4;/* IpStatus/1 cAndGo */

/* Row 2 */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.2 Integer 6;/* IpStatus/2 destroy */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpControl.2 Integer 2;/* IpControl/2 accept */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpIfIndex.2 Integer 0;/* IpIfIndex/2 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDirection.2 Integer 3;/* IpDirection/2 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpBroadcast.2 Integer 2;/* IpBroadcast/2 false */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSaddr.2 IPAddress; /* SAddr */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSmask.2 IPAddress;/*Smask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDaddr.2 IPAddress; /*DAddr*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDmask.2 IPAddress; /*DMask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpProtocol.2 Integer 6; /* Proto TCP */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.2 Integer 4;/* IpStatus/2 cAndGo */

/* Row 3 */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.3 Integer 6;/* IpStatus/3 destroy */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpControl.3 Integer 2;/* IpControl/3 accept */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpIfIndex.3 Integer 0;/* IpIfIndex/3 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDirection.3 Integer 3;/* IpDirection/3 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpBroadcast.3 Integer 2;/* IpBroadcast/3 false */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSaddr.3 IPAddress; /* SAddr */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSmask.3 IPAddress;/*Smask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDaddr.3 IPAddress; /*DAddr*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDmask.3 IPAddress; /*DMask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpProtocol.3 Integer 6; /* Proto TCP */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.3 Integer 4;/* IpStatus/3 cAndGo */

/* Row 4 */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.4 Integer 6;/* IpStatus/4 destroy */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpControl.4 Integer 2;/* IpControl/4 accept */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpIfIndex.4 Integer 0;/* IpIfIndex/4 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDirection.4 Integer 3;/* IpDirection/4 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpBroadcast.4 Integer 1;/* IpBroadcast/4 true */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSaddr.4 IPAddress;  /* SAddr */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSmask.4 IPAddress;  /* Smask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDaddr.4 IPAddress;  /* DAddr*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDmask.4 IPAddress; /* DMask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpProtocol.4 Integer 17; /* Proto UDP */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.4 Integer 4;/* IpStatus/4 cAndGo */

/* Row 5 */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.5 Integer 6;/* IpStatus/5 destroy */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpControl.5 Integer 2;/* IpControl/5 accept */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpIfIndex.5 Integer 0;/* IpIfIndex/5 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDirection.5 Integer 3;/* IpDirection/5 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpBroadcast.5 Integer 2;/* IpBroadcast/5 true */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSaddr.5 IPAddress;  /* SAddr */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSmask.5 IPAddress;  /* Smask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDaddr.5 IPAddress;  /* DAddr*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDmask.5 IPAddress; /* DMask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpProtocol.5 Integer 17; /* Proto UDP */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.5 Integer 4;/* IpStatus/5 cAndGo */

/* Row 6 */

SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.6 Integer 6;/* IpStatus/6 destroy */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpControl.6 Integer 2;/* IpControl/6 accept */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpIfIndex.6 Integer 0;/* IpIfIndex/6 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDirection.6 Integer 3;/* IpDirection/6 both */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpBroadcast.6 Integer 2;/* IpBroadcast/6 true */
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSaddr.6 IPAddress;  /* SAddr */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSmask.6 IPAddress;  /* Smask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDaddr.6 IPAddress;  /* DAddr*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDmask.6 IPAddress; /* DMask*/ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpProtocol.6 Integer 6; /* Proto TCP */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSourcePortLow.6 Integer 53; /* SrcPortLow */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpSourcePortHigh.6 Integer 53; /* SrcPortHigh */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDestPortLow.6 Integer 53; /* DstPortLow */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpDestPortHigh.6 Integer 53; /* DstPortHigh */ 
SnmpMibObject docsDevFilterIpStatus.6 Integer 4;/* IpStatus/6 cAndGo */

MaxCPE	3;

Bernd 2007/01/11 16:28

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